"Offers’n’co" is a program that provides access to selected offers. It shares with its Members reductions in value or percentage, special offers, gifts, advice, etc. via email.

At any time, Members have the opportunity to proceed with the termination of their membership in the program.

They just have to go to the "unsubscription" page and then to follow the procedure.

They can also click on the unsubscribe links in all emails sent through the program. Their cancellation of subscription will be immediate.

The program reserves the right to terminate automatically, without notice and for any reason the membership of any Member. Members acknowledge that in case of exclusion pursuant to these provisions, they cannot claim any compensation of any kind or claim some damages of any kind or take a new membership.

Members agree that the program can not be held responsible for the content of sites they could access through links provided in the e-mails that are sent to them.

Members have the right to have their data deleted. To exercise this right, Members may use the contact page to send their request.

The editor of the program has established safeguards to ensure the confidentiality, security and integrity of your personal data. Access to personal data is restricted to employees who need to know them and who have been trained to observe rules of confidentiality.